Term dates

Clayspace regular classes run roughly in-line with Cliftonville school terms. During the breaks we work on necessary studio maintenance,  improvements and materials recycling.

We are always happy to offer private classes and run corporate events in between our regular classes and during our breaks between terms, so please get in touch if you want to book something during these times.

• Term 1 (6 weeks)
Starts: Tues 11th September 2018
Ends: Thurs 18th October 2018
Saturday classes: 22nd September, 6th October.

• Term 2 (6 weeks)
Starts: Tues 30th October 2018
Ends: Thurs 6th December 2018
Saturday classes: 3rd & 17th November, 1st December.

• Term 3 (6 weeks)
Starts: Tues 8th January 2019
Ends: Thurs 14th February 2019
Saturday classes: 19th January & 2nd February.

• Term 4 (6 weeks)
Starts: Tues 26th February 2019
Ends: Thurs 4th April 2019
Saturday classes: 2nd & 16th March.

• Term 5 (6 weeks)
Starts: Tues 23rd April 2019
Ends: Thurs 30th May 2019
Saturday classes: 4th & 18th May.

• Term 6 (6 weeks)
Starts: Tues 11th June 2019
Ends: Thurs 18th July 2019
Saturday classes: 15th June, 6th July.