Clayspace Studios Ltd Terms & Conditions

We hope you enjoy your Clayspace experience, our mission is to support you in creating beautiful work in a healthy, collaborative, inclusive and respectful studio space. Being a small business we are able to accommodate customers on a more personal and friendly basis, but in certain areas we have need to adopt strict guidelines in order for the studio to be a safe and comfortable environment for everyone to use.

Please ensure you have read, understood and accepted these Terms & Conditions and Advice & Safety information before you book a Clayspace class or session. By participating in a class or using the studio you will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms & Conditions.

Paying for sessions and materials

We are a not for profit community organisation. All monies are reinvested in the pottery and we do our best to keep prices as low as possible whilst ensuring that Clayspace can continue to run without making a loss.

Payment of class fees for regular sessions must be made at the time of placing a booking where possible, or can be made on the day for drop-in sessions. We accept cash, debit or credit cards, cheques or bank transfers (BACS).

All sessions and classes are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Subject to any statutory right of cancellation, payments for Classes and sessions are non-refundable unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking or making the payment. Payments for cancelled sessions are fully transferable and can be re-used towards further bookings with a time limit of one term. A 25% non refundable deposit is required for all one-to-one and private bookings.

Unless otherwise stated the class and session fees do not include materials and firing costs. These costs are clearly posted above the scales in the studio and updated regularly. Finished glazed work will be charged based on the weight and type of clay used, the amount of glazes used and the volume of kiln space used to fire the works. A small to medium pot thrown on the wheel and biscuit fired, glazed and glaze fired would typically cost around £2 to £4.

Arriving at the studio

We generally open the doors a few minutes before each class is due to start. Please don’t turn up too early as you may have to wait on the street while we finish cleaning or preparing the studio for your class or session to start. We may be having a meal or meeting between classes and sessions so please do not ring the the doorbell if you arrive too early.


Fire safety regulations require all persons to register and sign-in when visiting or using the studio.

Advice & Safety

Users of the studio do so at their own risk with awareness of the inherent hazards of a pottery studio environment. These include but are not limited to, use of sharp tools and sharp edges, exposure to toxic materials, the dangers of using materials and equipment at high temperatures, and the risks associated with breathing dust. Most ceramic materials (clay and glazes) are made from finely ground minerals and if not handled correctly can pose a general respiratory risk.

Health and safety and good studio practice will be explained to all studio users as required as they use the studio and it’s facilities. This information is clearly outlined in more detail in the Clayspace Studio Handbook which we encourage you to read before participating in any classes or using the studio. A copy of the Clayspace Studio Handbook along with these Terms and Conditions can be downloaded from our website and a copy of both are available in the studio.

Studio Clean-up

All working areas and tools must be cleaned after use. The last 15 minutes of all studio visits is dedicated to gathering tools and cleaning work tables, floors, tools, and other equipment. This is a communal studio and its cleanliness depends on everyone doing their part.

A good rule of thumb – When you are done it should be CLEANER then when you started. No Exceptions.

If you don’t have time to clean up you don’t have time to do it!

Environment and Recycling

We try to run Clayspace as a zero waste organisation. All materials are reused or recycled wherever possible. Clay, glaze and sedimentary materials are NEVER to be poured down sinks in the studio.

We use a 3 bucket water system in the studio for cleaning, washing and clay recycling. Hands, tools and equipment contaminated with clay are washed using the 3 buckets. These are settled out over night and all the clay sediment is dried and recycled back into studio clay and the clean water is siphoned off to be re-used in the buckets and also used as cleaning mopping water for the studio. Brushes and tools used for glazing are cleaned in a Glazey Water Bucket, again this is settled out over night and all the glaze sediment is made up and adjusted to make new studio glazes and the water is siphoned off and used to process the new glazes and wash glaze sieves etc

Unclaimed Pots

Due to space restrictions we can only keep hold of finished or bisque fired pots for 1 additional term after the current term.

  • Unclaimed greenware will have probably dried out too much to be re-worked, turned, altered after about 1 month so the clay will be recycled.
  • Unclaimed biscuit fired pots will either be donated to the communal Raku Pot Box or be smashed and disposed of.
  • Finished glazed pots will be sold as part of Clayspace Studios fund raising activities.

Conduct and Exclusion

Disruptive or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.

Users of the studio and facilities must be respectful and courteous at all times. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and Clayspace Studios Ltd reserve the right to exclude any offending parties from the studio at any time if behaviour in it’s opinion is deemed dangerous, inappropriate or causes (or has the potential to cause) offence, harm or injury.